Cruising and Sailing in Nigeria: Essentials to bring with you

Nigeria is blessed with many water bodies in Her port cities like Port-Harcourt, Calabar, Eket, and Lagos. Therefore, there are many cruising opportunities for tourists in Nigeria. While cities like Port-Harcourt, Warrior, and Calabar do not have developed cruising agencies, Lagos is inundated with them.

Due to this avenue for fun and enjoyment, a lot if cruising agencies like the LagosParty, Royal Cruise,  have sprung up in Lagos, offering cruises and sailing tour to both citizens and foreigners in Nigeria. In fact, certain five star hotels have begun to offer boat cruises as an added advantage of patronizing their accommodation offers.

However, while there are beautiful cruising destinations in Nigeria, especially in Lagos state, there are essential items to come with, in order to get the best out of the experience. These items will ensure your safety, and make the overall cruising experience an enjoyable one.

Here are the items to come with, on a cruising or sailing trip in Nigeria:

  1. Passport or Birth Certification: If it is a closed loop cruise, i.e, from one port in Lagos to the other, then just a birth certificate might suffice. If you are a tourist, then you shouldn't go on a cruise without your passport.
  2. Charger for your gadgets: Depending on the duration of your cruise, a charger for your phones, tablets and other devices should be on hard, because these devices are nk fun without power in them.You want to be able to freeze memories as pictures, therefore, have a charger with you to ensure your devices are always powered.
  3. Sunscreen: Whether you are a man or a woman, if you do not was to battle with sunburns on your crisis, you should get a spray-on sunscreen. While in a cruise, there will be much contact with the sun, so save your skin by having on hand, a sunscreen. Also note, that Aloe Vera is capable of protecting your skin from sun radiation.
  4. Binoculars: Yes, how else would be able to see all the amazing sights available to you on your cruise? With these binoculars, you can see everything from your boat or cruise ship.
  5. Carry-on: Depending on the length of your cruise, a boat cruise is often shorter than a ship cruise. Therefore, you might have luggage or not, but one thing is essential, regardless of the length of your cruise; a carry-on bag. This will hold stuff like your swimsuits for that skin dipping you plan to have on your cruise. It would also hold your chargers, sunscreen and reading materials.

There, you have the essential items to come with, when cruising in Nigeria, to get the best experience on your trip.


Cruising and Sailing in Nigeria: Where to go

There are more than one fun thing to do in Nigeria; from eating new cuisines, to partaking in the different festivals scattered throughout the year. One other thing you can do in Nigeria is take a boat cruise.

While there are beautiful sights on land, there are even more beautiful sights on water. Especially in Lagos, a city blessed with different Lagoons, beaches and waterways, there are a lot of places you can take a boat cruise.

Consequentially, due to the lucrative business prospects in boat cruising, a lot of boat cruising companies have sprung up in Lagos. In fact, some five star, waterfront hotels offer boat cruising as an added advantage.

Now that you know you can boat cruise even here in Nigeria, what are the places you can go for your boat cruise?

  1.  Takwa Bay: Nestled on an Island off Victoria Island, Lagos and sheltered from the rest of the world, Tarkwa bay is a beautiful cruise destination. From Marina, Lagos, you can board a speed boat to Tarkwa Bay, but I must tell you, that it is not a feat for the faint hearted. While on the cruise, you would be assaulted by waves which could toss you up and down. Nevertheless, it is an exhilarating experience for the adventurous. There is also a resort on the Island, perfect for exotic pampering, great for individual or couple‚Äôs retreat. Other things to do on a boat cruise to Tarkwa Bay include; surfing, relax on the beach or go skin dipping. From the Victoria Island Jetty, a to and fro trip cost about two thousand naira ($5).
  2. Snake Island: Located in Apapa, off Tin can Island, Snake Island is a cruise destination for most. A one way trip cost about forty dollars, while to and fro trip cost about eighty dollars. It is a great place to have a boat cruise as it is inundated with natural sights like creeks and coral reefs. There are also resorts on the Island, where you can stay over after your cruise, if you want to explore the Island more.
  3. Lekki Lagoon: Another cruising destination in Nigeria is the Lekki Lagoon, which lies to the East of the Lagos Lagoon. Sheltered from the open sea by a barrier beach, it is a great spot to cruise and view the in and out of the city from the water.